Professional Designs - Conception to Completion

Designer Michael Designs is a full Architectural/Design/Build company based in San Antonio, Texas. We help clients with their construction projects "from conception to completion," based on the philosophy of taking any residential or commercial project from the design phase thru the finished construction phase. We provide services to the Dominion, Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, Hollywood Park and all other areas and subdivisions in and around San Antonio, including Helotes Texas.

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Professional Designs - Conception to Completion

Designer Michael Designs, LLC is a full Architectural/Design/Build company based in San Antonio, Texas. We help clients with their construction projects "from conception to completion," based on the philosophy of taking any residential or commercial project from the design phase thru the finished construction phase.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

    • With the guidance and vision of D. Michael Designs, our 36 year old master bedroom has been

      transformed from a tired same ole, same ole look to a vibrant, fresh – is this really our bedroom –


      The renovation encompassed a complete new look from ceiling to floor. The ceiling was freed

      from its stale, dusty and out-of-fashion “popcorn” treatment. It and all its supporting walls were

      freshly painted and textured.   A new ceiling fan was installed and a new television was wall-


      The wall-to-wall carpet gave way to the warm look of real wood flooring throughout the main

      bedroom,   vanity   enclave   and   walk-in   closet.     The   vanity   enclave   received   a   new   granite

      countertop, two rectangular vessel sinks, two separate wall mirrors, two medicine cabinets (one

      for him and one for her).  The supporting vanity base was painted a complimentary grey tone that

      appeared throughout the master bedroom.

      The crown jewel of the renovation was the offset shower and commode (enclave). The shower

      walls, shower flooring and the drainage system were given an enchanting mixed application of

      tile placement – from the floor up three walls to the ceiling. We installed a modern 36” lateral

      drain along  the  longest wall  in the  shower, and  the gradual,  effective sloping  to drain  was

      exceptionally done. When finished, the tile placement gives the impression of one sharing their

      shower with a real waterfall. A very nice touch. A large two section niche´ is included in the

      elongated vertically placed tile.

      New stainless steel shower head, faucet handle, ADA safety hand bars and double curtain rod

      (with curtain and a spot to hang our towels) truly enhanced the look.   The tile flooring in the

      remainder of the space and adjacent commode, along with the towel cabinet and built-in laundry

      hamper continued the effect.  This entire room was tastefully done in shades of grey…

      Enough of the narrative. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. A huge thank you to D.

      Michael Designs and  his entire  team.   The  whole process  of  a major renovation  while  still

      residing in the space brings its own level of stress and pressure. From the very first meeting and

      discussion of  what  we wanted   to do,  Dave  was by   our  side.     His architectural,  design  and

      contract capabilities are above what I could have expected. His punctuality, daily coordination

      and communication were impeccable.

      This was a huge undertaking, and without Dave’s patience, ideas and knowledge, I can’t imagine

      how it would  have  gone  over  the past months.     I  will be forever  grateful  to  Dave and the

      friendship we developed.  I would recommend beyond five stars D. Michael Designs.

      Robert and Barbara Paul

  • We spent approximate $185,000 to remodel the entire 1,450 square foot second floor of our home. All in all, D Michael Design did an exceptional job. Winston Churchill reputedly declared: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Accordingly, I now declare D Michael Design the worst general contractor, except for all the others. Reality dictates that no large scale project can ever be flawlessly executed. Accordingly, the real measure of success is how the inevitable problems are addressed. In THAT regard, Dave Peters was indeed flawless. Dave was always committed to getting it right, never sidetracked with excuses. Time and again, Dave tackled the inevitable problems and made things right. Starting in mid-September 2017, we met at least once per week to develop our design, select materials, and document a very detailed work order that listed tasks and costs. The project commenced in early November 2017 and culminated in early April 2018. For over five months, Dave was at our home virtually every weekday morning to let us know exactly what would be happening that day and to inspect the quality of the previous day’s work. Always good-humored, he was never defensive when we’d point out inevitable shortcomings; he simply made sure the sub-contractors did it again—and sometimes, yet again—until they got it RIGHT. And sometimes HE identified shortcomings we had missed, and made sure they got corrected. The project was tackled in two phases that enabled us to continue to live in our home throughout construction. The first phase tackled the master bedroom, bath, and closet. Walls were moved, ceilings raised, and more. A lot of design had to be done “on the fly” as hidden infrastructure had to be accommodated. In some instances pipes and HVAC infrastructure were relocated to accommodate our preferred design. In other instances we worked together to devise innovative work-arounds. In the end, it all came together with spectacular results. Dave’s pleasant demeanor and constructive attitude made it an enjoyable, teamwork process that might otherwise have been a disastrously contentious and stressful debacle. The second phase involved a bedroom, hallway bathroom, craft room, and office. This phase was not as complex design-wise, but received no less conscientious effort from Dave. In the past, I have dealt with owner-contractors who at the outset gave me their “personal number” so I could reach them anytime. However, once the project commenced, they didn’t answer calls or respond in a timely manner. Not so with Dave. He always responded immediately, cheerfully, and helpfully. I have no doubt that I could have easily found another contractor at a significantly lesser cost. But I also have no doubt that I could never have found as good a VALUE in terms of commitment to excellence, responsiveness, and a stress-free experience.

    Description of work:
    Remodeled the entire 1,450 square foot second floor of our home consisting of master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet, hallway bathroom, bedroom with closet, office with closet, craft room.

  • I have been very impressed by Jamie, the interior designer who helped me pick out tile, furniture pieces, hardware, etc. for my guest bathroom remodel. She has been very responsive to all my questions and came to the house with a young man (sorry I don't know his name) who did computer designed pictures of before and after the remodel. Jamie brought all samples and pictures of furniture pieces to me. I never had to go to their office - they always came at my convenience. After determining what all was going to happen. she coordinated with the project manager to get all materials on site before work was started. We are still in process of the physical remodel, but I have been very pleased with D Michael Designs and would used them again and recommend them to anyone.

  • We have recently moved into a different home and I was looking for decorating assistance to finish the décor and pull it all together. Jaimie arrived promptly as scheduled and we walked through each room. She listened to my questions and concerns and gave me several suggestions. We do not have any major projects at this time but would like to do an upgrade in counters and fixtures in master bath in future. She advised on paint colors for another bathroom. The appointment was very satisfactory and provided me with the help I was looking for. She was a breath of fresh air with such a positive and helpful attitude. If I need future services, I will make sure I call D Michael and request Jaimie.

  • D. Michael design provided design service for removal and rebuild of a weather-worn sunroom plus a kitchen/family room remodel. Their service was spectacular. They arrived at every appointment prepared, patient and involved in assisting with our desired changes. Their expertise was priceless throughout this process. They helped us from initial concept through the minute details that such an effort entails. I will be using D. Michael Designs for absolutely every design need I may have, which will include the upgrade of the remainder of the house (dining room, bedrooms, baths, etc.), and would recommend this team to anyone with design needs.

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